History of Riverside

Riverside is Calling

They say opportunity only knocks once. But in Riverside, it isn’t just knocking. It’s also hammering, bulldozing and being rebuilt from the ground up. In the shadow of an $80 million levee project, a new city is arising. The once flood-prone acreage along the Missouri River is now peppered with earthmovers and construction crews as landscape is prepared for planned projects totaling more than $800 million. New roads, new bridges and new buildings are emerging, and with them, new oportunities.

The Little City That Did

Riverside’s story is one of perseverance rewarded. When the flood of 1993 devastated the city, its 2,900 residents did not falter. They rolled up their sleeves, cleaned up the mess and launched an ambitious plan for rebuilding. They saved the old – like the famed Riverside Red X General Store, which remains in its historic location and has recently embarked on a $2 million expansion. Then they wooed to town the new – like Argosy Casino – the revenue from which they poured into infrastructure improvements.
Today, monuments to the success of Riverside’s plan can be seen all over town. New streets, new curbs, new sidewalks, new street lighting, a new city hall and a new public safety campus.

Beautiful projects galore. Each improvement is a testament to the tenacity of this community. And yet, stunning as it is, the city’s progress cannot compare to its promise. There are more than 900 acres still to be developed (with a planned mix of retail, premier office, light industrial and commercial) in the levee district’s new Riverside Horizon project.

When complete, the development is expected to create four jobs for every current resident of Riverside.

Get in on The Beginning

Word is spreading as enterprising developers catch on to all Riverside has to offer.
Riverside has exceptional proximity to Kansas City International Airport, the ever-popular Country Club Plaza and a myriad of downtown attractions. The City of Riverside has committed $33 million to community infrastructure improvements. In addition, Riverside offers incredible tax incentives.

There is one limitation to locating in Riverside – space – because there’s only so much ground to go around. New first class office and manufacturing buildings under construction now.

Opportunity only knocks once. The one remaining questions is, will you answer…and help put your mark on the future of a new city?

To learn more about the opportunities in Riverside, call today – 816.741.3993 – Mike Duffey or visit www.riversidemo.com.

Riverside Parks and Trails

Missouri Riverfront Trail

The 3.25 mile multi-use hiking and biking path extends from near E.H. Young Park in Riverside across the Quindaro Bend Levee to Burlington Creek just west of English Landing Park. Primary access to the trail can be found at the West Trailhead located off of 9 Hwy West, second left after NW Mattox Road.

County and Riverside officials worked closely with the Quindaro Bend Levee Board to make the trail the first in the Kansas City area to utilize the top of a levee for walking and biking. The City of Riverside is responsible for trail maintenance and operation.

Open dawn to dusk, the trail will be closed periodically for maintenance of the levee and private business access to the river. All trail closures will be marked at entrance points.

  • 3.25 mile trail
  • 11 mile trail at completion
  • Project partners: City of Riverside, City of Parkville, Riverside/Quindaro Bend Levee District and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Partially funded by $100,000 grant from the State of Missouri

For more information… http://www.platteparks.com/trails_mrt.html

Trail Map: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=206093512104388648742.0004df972f965596c0e22&msa=0&ll=39.171394,-94.658847&spn=0.025519,0.030127&dg=feature

Line Creek Trail

Line Creek Trail winds serenely through the beautiful countryside of Platte County. In any portion of the trail you’ll find a peaceful experience waiting for you. This trail winds through wooded areas along the creek giving back-to-nature opportunities in the heart of the Northland.

The multi-use trail sees frequent use by hikers and bicyclists. You may also see deer, squirrels, birds, snakes, and a variety of other wildlife. Line Creek Trail is an ideal way to check out Platte County’s scenery and wildlife.

Line Creek Trail also features a Fixit, bicycle service station, which offers an air pump & basic tools for repairs to make the trail much more bike friendly. The trail is open daily from dawn to dusk.

  • 2.4 mile trail
  • 2pedestrian bridges
  • Trail owned and operated by the City of Kansas City (future sections in Riverside to be owned and operated by City of Riverside).
  • Funded through contributions from City of Kansas City, Platte County and the City of Riverside

For more information… http://www.platteparks.com/trails_lct.html

Trail Map: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=206093512104388648742.0004bd7ec9a15c6ec529f&msa=0&dg=feature