Keep the County Clean!

The 2014 Platte County Clean-up is scheduled for May 2 & 3 at the Public Works Department from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Platte County Public Works, located at 15955 Hwy 273, will be accepting large items for disposal. Load fees are $5 for car, truck, trail, SUV or van, $15 for a vehicle with trailer and $20 for loads over 12 foot. Additional fees include $1 each for passenger tires, $5 each for truck/tractor tires, $10 for electronic appliances and $20 for loads over 12 foot.

All loads are subject to inspection and any item or load may be denied. Prohibited items include hazardous waste, liquid paint, chemicals and no waste from businesses. For more information, contact Public Works at (816) 858-2223.

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